Tulip Thermal Belt

Product image 1Tulip Thermal Belt
Product image 2Tulip Thermal Belt
Product image 3Tulip Thermal Belt
Product image 4Tulip Thermal Belt
Product image 5Tulip Thermal Belt

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1. Anti-scald hand: adapting nano silver graphene hot compression technology, it is warm and not hot.
2. Three-level temperature adjustment: It has three adjustable levels, one-button operation for a comfortable temperature, warming and protecting your belly.
3. Light waist: designed with only 3mm thickness, it cannot be seen in clothing and does not affect normal activities. Light clothing is tight and not cumbersome.
4. Repeatable washing: The entire belt can be machine and hand washed, keeping it clean and hygienic at all times, reducing bacterial infection and health.
5. More Portable: Provides 5000 mAh mobile power, with small size, light weight and long battery life. It can also be used as a cargo treasure.

1. Uterine warm and protective: lightweight and portable, soft and skin-friendly, easy to operate, thermostatic and waterproof, with absinthe bag.

Name: Tulip Thermal Belt
Color: Gray
Type: Basic OPP Bag, General Basic Box, Basic Power Supply, OPP Upgrade Bag, General Upgrade Box, Upgraded Power Supply
Heating temperature: 45 degrees (blue light) 55 degrees (white light) 65 degrees (red light)
Rated voltage: 5V
Length: 94cm

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