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1. This intelligent mask nutrient induction device adopts thermal vibration therapy, ultrasound and LED light (red light, blue light, green light), 3 different main technologies.

2. Thermal vibration technology: graphene constant temperature heating massage, accelerating blood circulation, make the skin texture fully stretch and expand the skin pores

3. Ultrasound technology: Ultrasound penetrates the dermis, deeply introduces the essence nutrients into the skin, and promotes absorption.

4. LED light therapy technology: Red LED light: enhance the activity of skin cells; Promotes the metabolism and growth of collagen. Accelerate blood circulation, improve skin elasticity, anti-aging, antioxidation, and repair skin.

Green LED Light: Improve rough skin, pimples and pimples problems caused by fatigue, pressure and mental stress. Blue LED light: effectively and quickly inhibit joint inflammation of the skin, soothe the skin and regulate the secretion of keratinized cells, clean and sterilize the skin, protect, repair the skin and enhance the absorption of nutrients; Balance skin oil, whiten skin, rejuvenate skin, remove wrinkles and shrink pores. Note: For initial use, please read the user manual carefully, and do the treatment as the instructions in the manual.

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